This Is Love – For King and Country

‘Tis a wonderful song!  ❤ 🙂

Story of My Life (One Direction – Piano/Cello Cover) – The Piano Guys

It’s a good song, it’s played by the Piano Guys and that’s always awesome. 😉

MercyMe – Even If

It’s a good one. 😉

Midwest 26 Below

Don’t waste your life…What a weekend! Absolutely incredible to have that opportunity. Definitely would recommend this place, very impacting and convicting! Here is the video that shows a teeny tiny bit, of how awesome our weekend was. Enjoy! 😉

Scars – Jonny Diaz

Very awesome song. I absolutely love it.

Breckinridge 2017

Well, we did it again!! We all had an incredible time up there for a week! It’s so good to see family. Especially, when they come all the way from CA, AK, and NJ. Needless to say, it was legit! 

I think I have rights to brag a bit! 😉

Pic: Kayla Hall

Pic: Kayla Hall
That view though! ☝🏻

Until Next time, Breckinridge…until next time! ✌🏻

For King & Country – Hope Is What We Crave

These guys are SO awesome.  I saw them in concert two weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing!!  I was blown off my chair…literally 😉  Definitely worth your time to go see, if they’re in town!  I’ll post another song by them that is one of my favorites by them.  Anyways, enjoy y’all! ❤